Category I : Leadership in Urban Climate Action

The focus is on initiatives that reflects incorporation of climate change adaptation and mitigation addressing vulnerability and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions associated with cities.

Cochin International Airport became the first airport in the world to be fully powered by solar energy by commissioning a 12 MWp solar power plant. ECA lauds Cochin International Airport's commitment to reduce its Carbon footprint and recognizes its leadership in Urban Climate Action.

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The integrated decentralized solid waste management system introduced in the city of Panaji by The Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) has been able to achieve 100% source segregation. The efforts of Panaji have resulted in a landfill-free and bin-free city. The award acknowledges the CCP's actions which have led to benefits like better environment and better health for its citizens, and cost saving on waste disposal.

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Category II : Innovations for climate protection

Focus is on development and use of innovative product or services which help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.

Saguna Rural Foundation, led by Krishi Ratna Mr. Chandrashekhar Bhadsawale, has innovated the Saguna Rice Technique (SRT) of paddy cultivation. The technique contributes to reduction of time, resources and chemical inputs in paddy cultivation. Use of simple mould on raised beds enables farmers to sow seeds with less drudgery and cost. Earth Care Awards recognize this innovative technique which has the potential to revolutionize farming practices with emphasis on paddy cultivation not only in India but also in the whole of Asia.

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Category III : Community based mitigation and adaptation in water resources, agriculture, forestry and other land use

Focus is on initiatives related to conservation of water and land resources reflecting mitigation and adaptation goals aimed at increasing resilience of communities, to tackle challenges arising out of climate change.

Nature Environment and Wildlife Society's (NEWS) initiative of engaging vulnerable communities has promoted mangrove regeneration, restoration and reforestation, community nurseries of threatened species, sustainable agricultural and low carbon practices. This initiative builds capacities of communities to deal with the challenges posed by Climate Change. Earth Care Awards recognize the efforts of Stewards, Community and its leaders, Government Agencies and the NEWS team for successfully demonstrating livelihood based climate change adaptation model.

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PracticalAction, Bangladesh, innovated the Sandbar Cropping model, which has enabled poor and landless communities to access underutilized river sand bars for pumpkin cultivation. This initiative has put in place processes ranging from beneficiary identification to market research and market links. Communities in climate stressed areas have found new hope with this initiative. Earth Care Awards commend the efforts of Practical Action Team.

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