Climate Change – What Causes It…Should We Be Worried Really?


What Is Climate Change? How Is It Caused?

In the recent past, the climate has taken a full astern. Extreme heat waves, increased droughts, the frequent occurrence of floods, landslides, forest fires and unexpected avalanches – all these have made safe living uncertain for human beings.

These aforesaid elements drive the climate and weather changes today. These are human-induced changes that are causing the climate to change adversely and sabotage the ecological balance. The weather today has become hotter, colder, drier, stronger, and above all extreme. Hot and humid months of summers are sustaining longer, rainfall period plummeting drastically, winters lasting for a finite time period only, these define climate change or rather the unfortunate, adverse climatic change.

How Is Climate Change Caused?

Extreme weather events have taken place in the past too, but off-lately it seems to be becoming a regular norm. Why is it that the summers are becoming unbearable by every passing year or the winters do not even last for a period of bare minimum two months?

Several factors have been pointed out as the causes of weather disturbances that do damage to living beings and property – which in turn causes issues on health and the economy.

Greenhouse Effect & Global Warming

The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is said to be the main cause of climate change. The present amount of carbon dioxide and the amount that we release at a speedy rate in the atmosphere are causing climate change.

Carbon dioxide is released into the air by various kinds. One of the common ways we emit CO2 into the air is by burning fossil fuels. Burning fossil fuels (which themselves are exhaustive resources) releases huge amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere thus introducing a large number of greenhouse gases into the air resulting in the greenhouse effect.

The release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere leads to more heat being trapped inside the planet and correspondingly the temperature on the surface of the Earth rises. This is known as global warming which is a leading cause of climate change on the planet.

In earlier times, the estimated temperatures around countries almost equalled to the actual temperatures there. Currently, the estimated temperatures have doubled and this is a clear sign that the planet is indeed warming up. Warming up of the planet is influencing the weather conditions and causing

Should We Be Worried About Climate Change?

Climatic change alters sustainable living and impairs environmental balance. Here are some substantial reasons why we should be worried about climatic change-

  • Ice caps and glacial masses will melt at a tremendous rate due to the increased temperature on the surface of Earth. Ice caps and glacial masses are freshwater reservoirs for living beings and they melting will deplete freshwater availability.
  • Melting of ice caps and glaciers will resultantly cause the water levels in seas to rise beyond the norm and coastal cities will be at a hazardous risk of floods. Floods affect millions of people in a coastal city and disrupt the normal functioning of lifestyle, transport and communication.
  • Climatic changes mean extreme heat, extreme storms, droughts, floods and winters. Weather and seasonal conditions will be at their extreme worst for people to survive in. Winters being harsher, summers being sweltering, rainfalls being depleted and sudden. Are we entering the future for this?
  • Changes in climatic conditions will affect our health severely since our bodies have adapted to the climate we have grown up in since childhood. Survival becomes hard and often we see reports of mortality rate shooting up due to climatic conditions.
  • Ecosystems will be affected and the lives of many species will be endangered.
    Animal species like the penguins and polar bears will die if the ice melts since they cannot live anywhere else. Plants and animals in tropical regions will perish if their region suddenly becomes too cold.

Reduce your carbon footprint on Earth by making individual efforts for a better environment, starting today.