The Ways In Which We Can Save The Earth & The Environment Around Us


Saving the Earth isn’t about adopting vigorous approaches or elaborate procedures. It’s about executing simple practices we hear around us every now and then. It is about implementing those simple strategies diligently into our lifestyles because those will give rewarding benefits for a sustainable lifestyle in the long run.

Our simple guide to saving the Earth and the environment around us for an ecological lifestyle is about everyday practices, but with the added difference of following them strictly.

A mix of diverse practices, read to explore more-

Reuse Old Furniture

It is very common in households to discard old furniture and replace it with new furniture. We forget that wooden furniture is sourced from wood which comes from trees. Trees are cut down by a large number to fulfil this growing need for lifestyle.

We must practice reusing furniture in our houses. Today, interior designers, magazines and websites such as Pinterest share numerous creative ways in which you can upcycle old furniture and lend a modern and sophisticated look to your house. Reuse furniture in your house by redecoration. You can also donate old furniture to an NGO or charity house where it can be put to good use.

Reusing old furniture will be one effective way to save the Earth as this practice will reduce deforestation gradually and effectively.

Crop Rotation

Crop rotation is a practice wherein different kinds of crops are planted on a land. This is done to enhance soil fertility and conserves soil.

Planting the same type of crop over and over again on a land reduces its soil fertility. This also does not promise a good yield due to depleted soil quality. Crop rotation must be encouraged among farmers in the country as it restores soil fertility and thereby conserves soil.

Seasonal crops must be planted by farmers. The role of government plays an important part here in educating the farmers about this. Incentivising etc. can also be promoted for this by the government.

Crop rotation done for soil conservation and restoring soil fertility are rewarding ways to save the Earth.

Switch To E-Mails

We know about this practice of switching to e-mails and going paperless simply because the paper is manufactured from trees and this causes trees to be cut down. Deforestation is a growing concern as it leads to environmental misbalances such as increased soil erosion, reduced rainfall, landslides and wildlife habitat destruction. Paper manufacturing becomes one added reason for tress to be cut down.

E-mails are a great way to efficiently reduce the use of paper. Technology has made it possible to not unnecessarily ‘give a print’, not unless required downright. Today corporates necessarily include e-mail signatures which convey that do not take a print of this e-mail unless absolutely essential.

These are small measures which strengthen the ecological balance and are great ways to save the Earth for the future generations.

In addition to these, other simple practices can be-

  • Switching to LED bulbs and tube lights
  • Planting more trees in our homes
  • Using biogas in homes
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Switching to solar energy/wind energy powered systems
  • Replacing paper bags and plastic bags with jute bags

Altogether, the results of all these simple everyday practices will supplement a better place for all living beings for the coming years.