A Few Terrific Ways To Protect Natural Resources

Climate change is no more a hidden myth for any citizen of this planet. It is an ugly repercussion of human greed and untamed desires. The effects of global warming up being felt all over the Earth and it represents a grotesque future that will be forced upon our coming generations In this mayhem, there are a few bright souls that are working day in day out  to minimise the damage and leave a better and a sustainable world for our kids. All those researches on climate change that you notice every other day in latest news for earth care is summary of all the efforts that are being made in this direction. A  better proof of these efforts can be seen in the environmental initiatives that are being taken in India every other day.   The biggest need of the hour is to conserve our natural resources that are depleting on a rapid scale. Keeping the same in mind, here are a few useful ways that have proved their worth when it comes to environmental protection.  Let’s check them out:

  • The starting point is adoption of alternative sources of energy like went and sunlight. These are bio friendly options as they do not lead to generation of any harmful gases that disturb the ozone layer. Also,  these are way more cheaper and won’t deplete easily,  nature will keep renewing them from time to time.
  • Another one is the most obvious and most spoken point –  plantation of more and more trees.  A  simple but highly crucial process that we all need to bring into a habit.  It is one single step that can bring back the balance between man made world and the natural world. Control of soil erosion and reduction of excess carbon dioxide in nature are just a few benefits to start with.  These trees will also serve as home to millions of lives that have lost their home,  their natural ecosystem,  and line of existence due to mad human desires.
  • Along with this,  humans also need to learn practicing judicious ways to save water and get over the habit of wasting it incessantly.  Conservation of any resource is possible only when we get over are inherited nature of taking things for granted. Unless we take strict measures in this direction we are all doomed to a dehydrated, dry,  waterless
  • There are several other steps that can be taken on a personal level such as growing vegetation in catchment areas, mandatory treatment of sewages and industrial wastes before they are released  Indo natural water bodies. Onsite conservation of wildlife and practicing offset conservation of these animals,  bringing-in strict regulations against poaching and hunting is the biggest need of time.