The Changing Face of the Earth

In the many decades of the existence of human kind, there have been a lot of primary threats to our habitat. However, in the span of past ten years, the number of research concluding a massive change in earth’s climatic conditions or alerting a danger on our environment has been the highest. From ever rising global temperatures and shifting of the seasonal cycles to melting glaciers and extinction of species, there are many prospects which establish a changing face of our earth.

A clear depiction of two adverse conditions of our environment is in these pictures.

Most of us wish to see only one side of the coin, the one which is a magnificent example of natural beauty. We often turn a blind eye towards the other scenario which depicts the disaster that human potential has created. Our urge to use technology, not considering the most appropriate way of its implementation, has caused a humongous threat to various aspects of our habitat. Nonetheless, even after its evidence, a huge part of the world population is still debating the factual presence and effects of global warming. Amidst of such a scenario, how can we hope for a better future which possesses sustainable resources and eco-friendly technology?

Some facts to suggest the changing face of the earth –

  • Ever since the scientists begin to note the global temperature, they have ascertained the years 2014, 2015, and 2016 to have been recorded to be the warmest years ever.
  • Human activities have been a cause of extinction of over 800 flora and fauna species during the past 500 years of civilization. Talking about the current scenario, 41,415 species are marked endangered in the list of International union for the conservation of nature. Out of these, 16,306 species are on the verge of extinction.
  • Waste deposition on free lands is one of the major reasons for environmental degradation. In the past ten years, India has witnessed a 50% increase in the account of the waste generated by the cities. This rate is growing at a continuous pace. In the urban parts of the country, 68.8 million tonnes of municipal solid waste is generated. Nonetheless, around 91% of the generated waste gets dumped in landfills located in open areas.
  • The emission of greenhouse gasses did not only cause the rise in the temperature on earth’s surface. It has also affected the temperature of the oceans. Oceans tend to absorb 80% of the excessive heat of the atmosphere As a result of this, the oceanic temperatures are rising. This is the most prominent reason for melting of glaciers and ice sheets. Thus, causing a further increase in the sea levels.
  • Over last two decades, the global mean sea level has been increasing at a rate of 0.13 inches/ year. Moreover, by the year 2100, the ocean levels are expected to rise by 11-38 inches.

Considering these facts, it is an alarming state of the environment. We are required to take action towards climate change mitigation and sustainable development. Nonetheless, innovative practices and smart use of eco-friendly technologies can help us ensure a better future for this planet.