What Practices Can Help The State Of Rapidly Depleting Natural Resources?

Natural resources of the Earth are slowly depleting and the world community is scrambling through the remaining resources, what are left of them. There are various reasons which have contributed to the depletion of these resources. Activities like deforestation of rainforests around the globe, struggle for Africa’s resources, the race for Antarctica, aggravating militarization of the Arctic, capturing of Greenland’s energy deposits and territorial disputes in Southeast Asia. Many countries have been constantly trying to increase their influence over the unexploited areas of the Earth, and China among them being at the forefront. Multinational companies are even worsening the condition while in search of arable land by their activities on the global rainforests in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia. This has resulted in an even higher rate of deforestation.

To increase the longevity of these natural resources, every government and big corporations like private or state-owned commodity trading companies in the world has to come together to bring the required changes. This can create a massive impact on saving the residual resources of the blue planet.

  • By making alterations in consumption patterns.
  • By increasing the investment into R&D (Research & Development), substitution of resources and promoting recycling of the resources.
  • By banishing efforts of greenwashing.
  • By ramping up the sustainable resource management and identifying the sustainability as an equitable business branch with respect to other corporate practices.
  • By re-allotting the private FDI into varied portfolios of investment and re-channelling governmental subsidies.
  • By making electronic devices and manufactured goods in a sustainable way for an increased life-span.
  • By ensuring and setting new social and environmental standards in global supply chains and adhering to international trade laws and WTO standards.
  • By giving appropriate support for the efforts done by local authorities and NGOs in creating natural zones and protection of biodiversity.