Solar Powered Cochin International Airport – The Progressive Impact Series

Since 2008, our motive has been to patronise and encourage commendable efforts made by organisations, communities, and enterprises towards a greener earth and sustainable development. Along these lines, we have had praised various distinctive ideas and actions with the earth care awards. All of the winners have been major contributors and innovators. Their ideas and executions have been very significant and noteworthy because the practices were credible and generated a tangible outcome. In this series – The Progressive Impact – we are sharing profiles, practice cases, and the impact duly attained by those who made it as the winners of The Earth Care Awards.

The first case study to appear on this list has to be talking about the exemplary initiative of The Cochin International Airport.

The CIAL became the winner of Earth Care Awards under the Leadership in Urban Climate Action category for becoming the first airport in the world which operates entirely on solar power.The designing, construction, and installation of the airport have happened under the model of Public-Private Partnership (PPP).The inauguration of the Cochin International Airport occurred on the 18th of August 2015. It commissions a solar power plant with 12MWp capacity and incorporates 46,150 solar panels which are installed on a 45-acre land.

The power plant generates an average of 55,000 units of electricity, every day. The produced units of electricity are duly consumed through the day to conduct all the operational activities of the airport. Hence, the airport is absolutely power neutral.

Nonetheless, operating an entirely solar power based airport was not the only neither the first initiative of CIAL towards sustainable development. Earlier as well CIAL implemented various other strategic ideas for energy conservation and utilisation of solar energy. In 2013, CIAL installed a 100kWp Solar PV Plant on the arrival terminal block. Then after, it installed another solar PV plant partly on the roof and partly on the ground of the Aircraft Maintenance Hanger facility; this time, the power capacity, was 1MWp. On attaining a successful outcome from these two plants, they decided to implement the project which made CIAL the first airport to be operating on solar energy In addition to CIAL’s solar plant efficiently producing sustainable energy for its operations; they claim to be generating some extra units of electricity. The authorities further mention that any additional unit of energy duly goes to the power grid of the state.

In conjunction with the concept of Progressive Impact – the Power plant is expected to generate 18 million units of power annually through the energy of the Sun. Statistically, the given data accounts to be adequate to supply electricity to 10,000 households for a year. Furthermore, the project is expected to prevent an accountable emission of Carbon Dioxide up till a level of at least 3 lakh metric tonnes within the next 25 years.

With this initiative, CIAL proved to be a trendsetter and an inspiration for various public and private sector units located across the globe. Thus, we can expect a tremendous growth in efforts and actions of the world towards a sustainably developed and greener earth.