The Small Ways In Which You Haven’t Conserved Our Natural Resources & Environment

Saving our natural resources, protecting our surroundings and environment, climate change, global warming, decreased rainfall, increased temperature; constant humidity, change in the arrival of seasons are only some of the mainstream subjects that are a cause of worry to environmentalists, eco-activists and human beings like you and us.

Reduce, reuse, recycle gets limited to only being three simple words sometimes because we simply fail to responsibly perform even one out of the three.

Today, step back and analyse the amount of waste you generate as an individual. Think of the ways you can eliminate or perhaps reduce creating that waste and adding to the burden of Mother Earth.

If environment conservation practices seem a task, begin with us simple manoeuvring for a better place for all. We take you through easy ways to conserve natural resources and inch a little closer to creating a better environment for all-


These include processed and packaged foods to begin with. Ditch them completely and try and go local. Encourage more purchase from the local market or stores that allow you to refill your containers or take back purchased items in recyclable materials. Local purchasing also ensures you’re promoting local farmers and traditional small-scale shopkeepers.

Make easy lifestyle changes by refusing packaged items in plastic poly bags. Non-recyclable packaging simply goes to landfills and adds on to the waste there. Tune yourself to use cardboard, paper, cloth or jute bags as these are recyclable.


You already know about turning the lights and fans off when retiring from a room. Follow this simple rule religiously. Generating electricity is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions and this also consumes fossil fuels at a tremendous rate.

Switch to using energy efficient appliances. Switch to using the mighty power of the sun, solar energy, by installing solar panels at your space. Simple ways here for energy conservation can be –letting wet clothes dry naturally in the sun, turning off the plugs for electronics when fully charged, using LED powered lights and bulbs in your space etc.

Simply choosing to begin from your own house can bring about a drastic improvement over time. Preach by practising yourself. Be an example that allows others to adopt energy conservation practices in their lifestyle.

Solar powered electricity is one of the most embraced methods today by eco-activists simply because, the sun isn’t going to stop shining one day, but, the fossil fuels will exhaust.


There are innumerable practices we hear from others, read on the web (just like you’re doing right now) or see others follow and still we choose to be nonchalant. Get up and make a simple change today.

  • Plant more trees.
  • Build a garden at your space. Mother more plants. Practice tree plantation.
  • Use public transport. Try car pool with workmates for office or with friends for a party.
  • Walk to the local shop in your neighbourhood. Let your vehicle relax.
  • Carry your own bags when heading out for shopping only because you’ll save yourself from paying for that extra bag and you’ll save the environment from the burden of recycling an extra bag, be it paper, jute or plastic.

Change comes about when we as individuals make an effort. Conserving extinguishable natural resources is one of the topping reasons for environment protection. Reducing greenhouse gases, emissions from factories, reducing waste-filled lands, emissions from automobiles, reduced rainfall etc. are only other reasons after that. At Earth Care Awards, we do our bit for the environment.

Are you giving back to Mother Nature an exact amount of resource of what you’re taking away from her? Change today!