Larsen And Toubro Limited’s Innovative Initiative towards Climate Protection – The Progressive Impact Series

The history of Larsen and Toubro’s existence in India is evident from all the innovative reforms that the brand has brought to the country. Keeping the legacy going, L&T Chennai had taken up an enormous measure to enhance India’s potential to generate solar energy.

Larsen and Toubro received an accolade in 2015, as an Earth Care Awards under the category ‘Innovation Towards Climate Protection’. Since, its establishment, L&T has always been committed to extracting utmost benefits of science and technology to help the nation build a source of renewable energy – the solar energy. The brand is seeking more and more ways to capitalize on the renewable energy and technological reforms for a sustainable development and climate protection. Thus, they bagged an obligatory and much worthy mention in our Progressive Impact Series.

The team working at L&T for the production of renewable energy resources believes that the superfluous hike in the fossil fuels’ prices and the cost that our environment is paying because of their use are grievously high. They add that, for a future where threats of vulnerability due to the emission of carbon and greenhouse gasses does not exist, the country needs to shift to alternative and sustainable energy sources. Moreover, factually, the climatic conditions of India possess a great potential to generate solar energy. Thus, catering to the need of the hour, L&T has gained a distinctive expertise in various solar technologies. Through the team’s knowledge in designing and execution of solar technologies, L&T aimed to establish different solar projects with varying capacities.

Recognizing the importance of large scale establishment of solar power plants for a sustainable supply of renewable energy to meet long term requirement of energy, L&T built an ambition to install a solar power plant with the power capacity of 100 gigawatts. This initiative accounts to be a quantum leap in the area of large scale production of solar energy. To accomplish the mission, they invested financial resources and deployed technology at the local level.

Merits of installation of the solar power plant –

  • L&T’s solar business unit was specially incubated to enhance the spectrum of solar energy, provided the country an economically feasible and technologically remarkable solution for production of solar energy.
  • During the implementation of the solar power projects, L&T tried innovative practices to increase the generation of energy from a plant. Simultaneously, they adopted measures to cut down the plant’s investment and regulatory costs.
  • They invested plenty of efforts to train engineers and technicians on the subject of solar technology and micro grid technology.
  • Eventually, the establishment of the project promoted the idea of the adaptation of solar energy technologies in various developing regions of the country.