Earth Care Awards – Inspiring Actions towards a Greener Earth

Over all these years of human existence, we have overcome numerous barriers of belief and virtue. From the times of serene village lives to now toiling to live on the moon – it would be safe to say that through all these years, in many ways, technology and history have caused an enhancement in the human potential. However, along with the growth there had been its repercussions too.

The industrialisation, technological advancement, unsustainable use of naturally available but scarce resources – all of it has caused a major setback to the potential of our nature to keep us healthy and alive. Figuratively, that is why we are looking for a hint of water on the moon because we are aware of the lack of sustainability of the natural resources left on earth.

How suggestively do these two pictures depict the irony of progress and diminishment?

Nevertheless, there is still a vast scope for betterment. There are numerous ideas which can be employed to curb the effects of human disasters. With the help of the technology we possess and an innovative outlook towards the problems, we are in power to generate solutions to improve the climatic and environmental conditions of the earth.

ECA was initiated in 2008 with a motive to promote this ideology.

The aim to introduce the Earth Care Awards in the series of green awards was to accentuate locally generated initiatives and practices referenced to climate change in the field of climate-friendly production and consumption across various industries. Over these 9 years, the initiative has inspired various industry leaders, entrepreneurs, SMSes, and communities for adaptation and implementation of ideas and innovations which cater to mitigation of adverse climate changes.

In order to achieve its motive, the approach of the Earth care award is to recognise, authenticate, promote, and provide accolades to initiatives which are in regards to factors that can curb climate changes. Reduction of emission of greenhouse gasses, conservation of natural resources, improvising energy efficiency, development of innovative industrial alternatives that are eco-friendly, promotion of sustainable use of resources across the numerous sectors of industrial and economic development, etc. are different areas of works which fall under consideration of the earth care awards. Therefore, a locally generated initiative aiming at these motives can easily file an application to get recognition at the earth care awards. The filing of applications happens through an application process which involves submission of award applications. The applications are designed individualistically for every category of award.

In order to recognise and understand various aspects of each project, idea, and initiative a renowned team of a discretionary jury is appointed. The jury distinctively studies various proposals generated in all forms and fields. All the ideas and entries are categorised into different divisions of awards. Thus, accordingly, all the proposals are discreetly judged and analysed in a particular category for which the applicant has applied.

The whole concept of Earth Care Awards provides a unique platform to innovators and idealist from different backgrounds to promote their vision and actions towards a greener earth and environmental stability. Hence, inspiring many more of such visionaries to rise and create a better world.